First Day


Seattle, Washington.

14 hours of travelling has brought me to the beginning of my trip. I’m sitting in the basement common room of my hostel trying to stay awake so that I don’t succumb entirely to the jet lag. I also have to wait to call my bank yet again, as something has to go wrong on a trip. I naively thought that the bit that went wrong was when my printer fucked up and I couldn’t print my boarding pass. No. I blocked my card in Newcastle airport just prior to boarding. It could be worse but it’s not ideal, the advice my bank gave me has not worked and apparently their system is down so they cannot check it.

Despite this I’m happy, I really am. When I was on the light rail from Seattle’s airport to the city centre I was hugging my bags and feeling so satisfied. I had done the right thing in travelling by myself.

Seattle is lush and green, there’s so many trees, it’s beautiful. It’s been wonderfully sunny and warm. Any excuse and I will wear my sunglasses. I haven’t been explore all of the city yet but I went down to the harbour, to pike market and the surrounding area. The food at the market is amazing. I can’t wait to try some more tomorrow. I’ve already decided I’m having mac and cheese from Beechers.



I had a potato and cheese piroshky which was divine. A wee bit posher than greggs. I also had this massive vegan cookie with walnuts and chocolate chips. It doesn’t look that big but I couldn’t finish it.

I need to call my bank now but I should probably edit this post. Perhaps not.



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