Day Two, Seattle


Kerry Park, the best free view in Seattle. When I set out from my hostel this morning I didn’t think the walk would be quite as punishing as it turned out to be. I’m not so proud to admit that I stopped and sat on the pavement halfway up to catch my breath. The view however, was stunning and unsurprisingly,
the walk back down was a breeze.


I then visited the Olympic Sculpture Park, it was beautiful. The sculptures themselves were masterful, thought provoking pieces and often juxtaposed with the nature surrounding them.


I’ve been quite lucky that all the food I’ve tried today has all been delicious. The balsamic strawberry ice cream from Molly Moon’s in Capitol Hill was a revelation. First of all, it was huge for a single scoop and secondly, it was incredibly tasty. For lunch, I visited Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in Pike Market. I ate one of the best Mac n Cheeses of my life. I greedily ordered the large and left very happy and with a full belly.


The Elliott Bay Book Company has immediately became one of my favourite independent bookshops. I rued my budget and backpacks looking around it’s vast and varied shelves. I bought one zine about one woman’s quest to find a good pair of jeans.

I really enjoyed today and taking it at my own pace. I even went back to the hostel for a nap. I have three blisters on just the one foot from the walking but I’ve realised that I love my own company. I might feel differently about that tomorrow or next month and that’s ok but for today it’s real.



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