Day Four, Seattle

I journeyed up to Freemont today to see this troll. Freemont is a really cool area with so many statues of seemingly odd things such as Lennin, Clowns, and people at a bus stop. Randomly, on my way to a hash shop -it’s legal and I was curious- I decided to stop at a local brewery for the hell of it. It was so hot and the beer only $2, it felt wrong not to try some. I met a really nice couple from San Diego at the brewery, Ben and Ashley. They’ve been travelling all over the world and were just so friendly.  They’re actually sat in the background of this photo.


We went on a bit of a brewery tour, sampling a variety of local brews, smoking weed (a Snoop strain) and just talking. They were so generous and I had a great afternoon with them. I haven’t smoked weed in years and never through a pipe, I felt very Ilana. Unlike the brits they don’t cut it with tobacco so I’ve been giddy all day. I feel maxed out but it’s been a blast.


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