Day Three, Seattle

Sorry about the delay, a coffee shop had terrible wifi and didn’t post it and I’ve had to write out again.

The day started out like a stereotypical Seattle day. Grey and drizzly. On the recommendation of a server at Little Odd Fellows last night I decided to go to West Seattle. I quickly looked online at the water taxi times (every half hour) and left the hostel. Did you know that google doesn’t tell you if there’s construction work happening? I learned the hard way and ended up missing my water taxi. To further add to my bad luck it turns out that after 9 am they stop going hourly. Instead the next one is at 10.30. I told myself it wasn’t the biggest deal and I could make it work. I walked around Pioneer Square and it just didn’t feel as special as it’s supposed to be.

The water taxi was quick and smoothely moved across the water. The view looking back on downtown Seattle was great, sadly it’s a bit too grim because of the grey skies to share. I walked the Alki Beach trail, through Luna Park. There was so much greenery on the route and I could see islands far across the water. The sun began to shine but there was little to do other than trek. It felt Lord of the Rings-esque. I (of course) missed the water taxi back to downtown as again I got the times mixed up. I only had to wait an hour this time so I sat down at the Mooncup Cafe opposite the pier. I had a perfect maple latte and wrote notes in my journal.


After my trek I decided to go back to the market as I had seen a place that did veggie biscuits and gravy. I was so curious about it as I’ve seen them on TV and never before had the chance to try them. They were pleasant but the presentation was awful, I get that it’s in a market but it looked like a turd spread across scone halves. The biscuit tasted like a crunchier scone and was really good but the gravy was average and more like a pate. I’ll spare you a photo.


I then travelled to the EMP Museum, when I missed my ferry in the morning I found a coupon book with a $3 dollar discount to the EMP. Swings and roundabouts people. The EMP museum was so much fun, it’s basically dedicated to pop culture. I let my nerd flag fly in the sci fi/horror/fantasy exhibits. I took way too many photos of the props and costumes. I pushed myself to do the group activites I did the cringely magnificent pretend you’re in a band playing to a live audience thing. I pretended I was Ferris Bueller as I sang along to Twist and Shout. I’m sorry EMP but I did take a photo… I can’t afford a $17 DVD.

I look so lonely! I had a tonne of fun at the EMP and can’t reccommend it enough.

I then returned to my hostel as I couldn’t figure out what to do next and my phone was running low on a battery. I spoke with two of my dormmates Tim and Chloe for ages, we even went to tea together at a Vietnamese place round the corner. The food was fresh and felt very healthy which is good after all the junk I’ve ate. Tim and Chloe have just left to go to Portland and it’s so cool to know other people who are going on a similar journey to mine. I feel like I have joined a secret society. Sadly, I’ve already forgotten some of the names of people I’ve met.

Even though I’m travelling alone in the last few days I haven’t felt alone. Seattle is a great city and everyone is so friendly. So thank you.



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