Day Seven, Portland


I can’t believe day 7 has arrived, the last week has been wonderful and it scares me that it could fly by so quickly. Today was more laidback, I felt like I had done the major spots and so I wanted to explore the smaller neighbourhoods.

I went to another Stumptown for a cold brew, I’m being spoiled by its amazing coffee. I’m gonna end up in Newcastle jealous of my past self. I felt like such a hipster writing in my journal as I sipped on my coffee.


There were really cool murals/street art in each neighbourhood. This is an example of one, unsurprisingly nearby there would always be: a vintage store, coffee shop, record store, gourmet food, a brewpub and a souvineer shop selling local artists work. It is very Portlandia in that respect but I really like it; Portland and I shouldn’t be embarrassed by it.


Lunch was a vegan pizza slice from Babydoll Pizza. It was so good, it had artichokes, tomatoes, basil and daiya cheese. I love artichokes, I just wish I could cook them well. The server’s dad was from the UK so we talked about the cultural differences.


I then went to the Douglas Fir Lounge as it was supposedly Twin Peaks esque. It didn’t quite have that vibe but I did go in the afternoon, maybe it’s different at night. There were lots of logs and unusual bar lighting. However, the bathroom was trippy. With mirrors everywhere and a lace design on them?
And there were weird distorting glass panels on the door.

I walked across two of the bridges, Hawthorne and Burnside. The only way I could’ve been more Portland was if I’d cycled. I had a good long walk through several neighbourhoods. I got back to the hostel and talked more with Katya and Sonya, two German sisters travelling the West Coast. I liked getting to know them better and we agreed to meet next week in San Francisco. The lucky twosome are driving down the coast!


My tea was overall amazing, I started by going to Little Big Burger and ordering a veggie burger and truffle fries for $6.75 total. The truffle fries were insane, I love anything truffle flavoured and there was so many of them. Salty, umami fries. The veggie burger on the other hand was meh, not much flavour but the fries and it’s cheap food are worth the visit.


Dessert was a child sized ice cream (a regular adult’s size in England.. what!?). I had the vegan, gluten free Coconut Mint Chip Whoopie Pie. It was beautifully creamy, locally sourced ice cream. It’s making me want some more writing about it. I got it at Salt & Straw a renowned Portland ice creamery. Definitely recommend it.

I had an early night after all that food. Till next time!


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