Day Eight, Portland


Today, I finally took full advantage of the free pancake breakfast. Understandably I ate a lot of them. Smothered in salty butter with pools of sweet maple syrup. Delicious. The weather had taken a downturn after the last couple of days of blazing sunshine. Instead it was typical Portland with drizzly rain. Perfect for spending a few hours at Powell’s bookstore.


Wow. I have never been to a bookstore where you need a map! Rooms themed around genres, I was in love. This trip has reignited my passion for books and again I regretted not having a big bag fkr check in that I could fill with souvineers. I limited myself to a zine about feminism, ‘Girly Girl’ and two postcards.


For lunch I finally got to visit the ‘best vegetarian’ food truck. It was in acart pod with a variety of world foods available. I ordered the ‘steak and cheese’, I’d been pre-warned about the size but I still wasn’t expecting it to be that big. That sounds terribly rude but it was a big fat sandwich. It was tasty and the meat substitute was well cooked but sadly Blackbird in Philadelphia still do the best I’ve ever had. I am going there later on my trip so keep an eye out for my rambling description of the seitan. I spoke with the server for a while and he recommended a vintage arcade a few blocks away. I slowly walked in the direction whilst munching and showing off my food.


There really were vintage arcade games. (Star Wars/Simpsons/LOTR to name a few). The majority were just 25c to play, I had a go on a few different games and varied between being terrible and winning on mario kart. I felt very smug about Mario Kart as it was one of my favourite games to play as a teenager. It was a fun place and even served booze in the evenings.


I then had my first properly alone drink in a bar. I wanted to try one of the many local ales whilst I was in Portland, it has the most breweries in a city in the USA. I didn’t want to make friends this time so I sat feeling pretentious writing in my journal. The server was a co-owner and very friendly with lots of ideas on what I could drink. I ended up settling on the Mirror Pond which was light, refreshing and just plain old good.


I then looked around the Pearl District and as I was tired headed back to my hostel. I included this photo of a bubble fountain as they were one of my favourite things about downtown Portland. They also have a such a crazy history as a previous major had them installed to combat people drinking too much alcohol. I feel like if we had these fountains in Newcastle people would piss in them. I had an early night and talked to my new dormmates KT and Sophie whilst I tetris-ed my crap back into my bags.

Sorry this post was late, I’ll post again later tonight.


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