Day Nine, San Francisco


I thought I had a relaxed morning ahead of me, I hada flight at 12.30, I’d packed the majority of my items and I felt prepared. However, public transport have no respect for preparation and planning. Google maps was not much help either. I was supposed to get a bus two minutes from my hostel to downtown then using the same ticket get the train to the airport. The buses were regular, every 10 minutes except this one. Half an hour later I’m starting to worry. I do not want to miss my flight and have to buy another one. The bus eventually shows and drives past. About 10 minutes later another one shows and I jump on it. I’m starting to stress and google suggests a shuttle bus of which there isone due in 15 minutes and goes directly to the airport. It cost an additional $14. I get the airport with a very small amount of time to spare and my flight is delayed.


The flight was very quiet, I had an entire row to myself. I kept stretching out across them like a cat. Although I had the unfortunate luck of peeing during turbulence, it was worse than going on a coach. The flight was quick, they got to San Francisco 30 minutes earlier than expected. It was late in the afternoon and I was hungry by the time I arrived. Crisps are not filling. I had to get a train from the airport to the mission district and then a bus to get to my hostel as it is right at the Southern tip of SF. They had a pasta night at the hostel and greedily ate a whole bowl. Everyone else was slow eating theirs and I had to question whether it was as tasty as I thought it was or whether my hunger was fooling me.


I walked around the area keen to see the famous view, I could see Alcatraz and the big beautiful Golden Gate bridge. I watched the sunset and then headed to meet my friend Chloe. It was cinco de mayo and as SF has a large Mexican population we thought it would mean a fun night. We looked around and online for bars but they were some distance away. We found one we liked the look of and I walked up my first hill in SF to get there. Well we stopped for FroYo first, which was an excruciating process. We chose our flavours but there was quite a queue and our server burst into tears and wouldn’t stop crying. I felt so awkward as I didn’t know what to do, one guy tried to tip her again and that only made her cry more. The FroYo was tasty but tinged with an awkward experience.


The bar we did end up at (House Rules) had special offers on margaritas and nachos so of course we ordered them. The nachos were fresh with lots of guacamole and came served in a little skillet pan. The margaritas were terribly strong but refreshing, I couldn’t have another one so we called it quits. Chloe very kindly got me a Lyft taxi back to my hostel.

Apologies for the delay, I have been walking an ungodly amount since arriving in San Francisco and have been very tired in the evening.


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