Day Fifteen, Los Angeles


I chose to get the coach as I thought it would be more scenic. The drive down from San Francisco to LA via the coast is supposed to be one of the most beautiful. The coach did not do this route. I saw lots of farms and dry land but it wasn’t an impressive journey. At least I had a seat to myself on the coach. Getting to the coach station was easy in SF, just a simple bus ride. I’m afraid I don’t have anything too exciting to talk about. I nearly missed the bus because I spent all of the 30 minutes queing to get a Subway. I napped or read mostly.


When the coach pulled into LA despite it being in the Fashion District, it was a little grim looking. I had to get a bus and then a train to get to my hotel. I noticed two girls from the coach doing the exact same route but I thought it was unlikely they were going to be staying in the hostel. They were, both were very friendly and from Denmark. The stop I got off on was on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Jennifer Aniston’s star was right outside the station. When I got to the hostel I was given a map to say where everything was located, it wasn’t that big so I’m not sure why. The hostel put on free tacos and free drinks that night which was really cool. The vegetarian version was basically cheese, refried beans and salad. It was alright and so was the beer. I sat and talked to the two Danes and they told me that they’d been studying here for the last year and now were travelling and partying. They were both really nice.

I left them to Skype Jonny as we’d prearranged to do it. It was difficult finding somewhere quiet as they had a live band performing at a crazy loud volume. We spoke for a while and caught up which was good. I was tired, so I went to my room afterwards to sleep but I didn’t realise that they would be blasting out music till midnight. It was the beginning of a few bad nights trying to sleep in the hostel.

Apologies this post is so short but I did very little, and less still was interesting. The next couple of days in LA were more exciting I promise.


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