Day Eighteen, Los Angeles


I got up early again so I could use the shower first and be on my way. I think I used it a little too long or wasn’t as quiet as I thought I was as when I got up nearly everyone was awake. I must’ve been in there for about 30 minutes. The bathroom is my space and I can close the door and be left with just my own thoughts in the shower or bath.

I left early as I was going to James Franco’s book signing at Skylight Books. An infuriated and loud woman got on my bus and shouted at a man who had knocked into her shopping trolley. It was blocking the gangway and would’ve been difficult to avoid. Expletives flew and then hung in the air inside thr hushed bus. Once she had stopped her rant some passengers began to laugh nervously.


The store had still not opened when I arrived but there were two girls already waiting. I started talking to them and they were very sweet. I spent the morning with them. We got hash browns at a local diner once we had bought our books and got our queue tickets. Although the book shop was small it had organised it well. It took a while to finally meet James Franco, but it wasn’t so bad, there was really great music and a buzzy atmosphere. When it was my turn I asked if he had chose the music as I’d enjoyed it. He replied with that handsome Franco smile that he had and he was glad I liked it. We spoke for a few minutes and gave me a good handshake. Afterwards I gleefully ran to a starbucks to abuse their free wifi whilst I talked to my family about it.

As it was the weekend there was a 50c shuttle bus running to the Griffith Observatory. I just managed to catch. Unsurprisingly, it was very busy but the observatory had great displays and exhibits about astronomy. I just missed the planetarium show by a few minutes and the next one was over an hour later and I didn’t plan on staying that long. I got an elevator to the roof and enjoyed the beautiful views of the city and a somewhat close up view of the Hollywood Sign. I ate a quick lunch in the cafe and then headed towards Beverly Hills.


It took a long time getting there; bus, train, bus but it was cool to see it in reality. In another cheesey confession I went there to see the Electric Fountain. The one that is featured in Clueless when Cher realises she loves Josh. I took photos of myself trying to do my best Cher impression.


Afterwards, I got back on a bus and about an hour later I was back on the boulevard. It was still early evening so I decided to treat myself to go to the cinema. I had wanted to go to one sooner but it was never the right time.


I saw the latest Captain America movie at the El Capitan Cinema on Hollywood Boulevard. It was a beautiful art deco cinema with an award winning organist playing before the feature. I recognised similar features to the cinema that I work at. I liked that there was a self serve area to put melted butter on your popcorn. That might be a regular feature of US cinemas but it was a fun novelty for me. I really enjoyed the movie and it was a great place to see it in. They had lots of props and costumes from the movie and the service was phenomonal.

I hurried back to the hostel as I still needed to pack for Vegas. I spoke to a new dormmate, an older scandanivian fellow. He was kinda odd and shared some weird stories before he went out partying. An hour later I had packed up my bags all ready for the next days journey. By chance this was the first night that the partying had stopped before eleven and I was able to get to sleep easily.


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