Day Nineteen, Las Vegas


I got my first Uber this morning and it wasn’t bad at all. I chose to use the carpool option as it was cheaper. My driver was talkative but the other guest was not. He pulled over his hoodie and cut short all conversation.


I have a confession to make, I was supposed to work on my blog posts on the coach but instead I read the entirety of one of The Hunger Games books. Whoops, sorry everyone! I couldn’t sit by myself on this coach which was a bit frustrating as one of my backpacks wouldn’t fit in the overhead bins. Nor could it be put in  the other luggage store as I couldn’t get a tag for it. Instead it had to go under my seat. About twenty minutes outside of Vegas the baby in the row behind me was horrifically sick onto it’s mother. Only when getting off the bus did I realise that the sick had also went onto the floor and that my bag had absorbed a whole lot of it. It was grim. In the greyhound bathroom I did my best with cleaning it so I could carry it to my hotel. It was so hot outside that I knew if I didn’t give it a thorough clean soon it would start to stink.

I stayed at a hotel just North of the strip but still a 30 minute bus ride from the Las Vegas action. The hotel had seen better days but it was clean. I was guided to my room and I was astounded to have so much space and a double bed. It felt like a real luxury. I immediately stripped off my clothes and revelled in the fact I could have some privacy. I even had a bathtub! I am such a bath person, I hate showers. After cleaning myself I started cleaning the back pack using the complimentary face soap and lots of hot water. I left it to dry in the bathroom.


I then lazed around in my room, enjoying the peace and quiet. I watched some TV and just relaxed. After a few hours I decided to go have a little play in the casino. I wandered slowly through all the various games, trying to figure out what to play. I settled on the penny slots and won 20c. I then spent it trying to get more. I spent about $5 in total with only 20c return. I was strangely tired after resting so long so I had an early night. Although, it took me a while to drift off just because it was so quiet, I have already become accustomed to the sounds of others sleeping in the same room. I felt alone.


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