Day Twenty One, Las Vegas


After my hike I was exhausted and slept in late. I went downstairs to the coffee shop and bought an overpriced smoothie to try and wake me up. I didn’t want to do that much so I didn’t.

I had arranged to Skype Jonny again, so we spoke for a while, I was tired so I doubt I was good company. Afterwards, I had a long nap which finally managed to perk me up. I wanted to eat something that would feel nourishing so I looked online for veggie restaurants. I found one about 30 monutes away by bus.


I chose the vegan chicken pot pie gnocchi. It was massive, they were lots of vegetables as promised and tofurky. There was even nutritional yeast on top! I have been missing that yeasty goodness. I decided to walk around the area and it was such a cool place. There was a Container Park, a variety of shops, bars, cafes all housed in ex containers and guarding the outside was this crazy praying mantis. I looked around the park and regretted not coming sooner. I bought myself a silver ring, just a simple design. It felt like a big deal as I usually suffer with bad excema on my hands and consequently, feel a little ashamed of them. The sun and lack of nickel has helped clear it up.


As it was my last night in Vegas I wanted to see the strip properly in action. I had to walk through Freemont East to get my bus and it was a fun walk. There were people shooting across on wires above us. So many glittering lights and oddities around me. I got the bus to the Bellagio as why wouldn’t I want to see the water dance? It was very busy around the water but it was a great display, the water jumping in beat to Uptown Funk. After the song had finished the many fountain heads disappeared back into the water. It was kind of odd that they weren’t out for the entire time. I wasn’t far from the Welcome to Vegas sign so thinking it would be cool, I visited it.


It is small, the movies seem to make everything look bigger in the States. It also maybe just a few feet up, all the better for tourists to take photos of it. I tried taking a photo of myself and asking others but they were too focussed upon themselves. Besides when I finally could get a photo, I looked awful so perhaps it’s good that all you can see is a bit of my frizzy hair/curls next to it.

I was out later than expected and I still had to pack everything. I hadn’t inspected my bag since the baby vomit and happily I had managed to wash it thoroughly. I rearranged how I was packing stuff to try and make it easier to access and once again wished that I had travelled lighter. I went to bed around midnight, everything ready to go in 4 hours time.


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