Day Twenty Two, Austin


This was my longest day of travelling throughout my whole trip to get from Vegas to Austin. It may get dull describing all my transport so apologies in advance. I had lost one of my room cards for the hotel (I would later find out it was in my purse, that’s how tired I must have been). But they must experience it all of the time as they were nice about it, as it was so early I decided to jump into one of the taxis waiting outside. My driver was pleasant and said he was taking me on the shortest route, it certainly seemed like it as it wasn’t long untill I was at the airport. My first flight wasn’t till 6:30am but the check in and then the security lines were already long at 5:30. It felt like an age untill I was through. I got a bagel and filled up my water bottle at a fountain and sat and waited for my flight. Vegas airport has a lot of casino games, it felt very surreal to see so many slot machines everywhere.

I fell asleep on the plane during take off, I am getting good at that. And woke up just before they served my row with biscuits and simple beverages. I looked out the window and I think I could see the salt plains and then big lakes as we flew closer to Salt Lake City. I was a bit anxious that I would only have 45 minutes to catch my next flight to San Antonio. However, I didn’t anticipate the airport to be quite so small, so I found my gate within ten minutes. I fell asleep during take off and woke up to snacks again. Maybe I could smell the coffee? Or my unconcious self understands that concious me would appreciate the extra water and food. Upon arrival in San Antonio, I was ready for lunch so I tried to figure out somewhere cheap that sounded decent near the greyhound downtown. I settled on going to a Jimmy Johns as it felt like it might be a step above Subway. It was also near the Alamo which I saw briefly. Jimmy Johns veggie sandwich was initially great with fresh crunchy vegetables and salty cheese but it came apparent it was drowning in mayonaise. It was too much for me so I left a quarter of the sandwich and headed to the Greyhound.


The Greyhound coach was a weird one, the rows of seats had been moved haphazardly which meant some of the leg space was sparse. As the coach already had a bunch of people on, I was sat in one of the rows. My legs barely fitting in the gap. A man was describing his cancer treatment in great detail with the young girl next to him. I think I managed another nap as the ride felt quick for three hours.

The coach station in Austin was in a non-descript residential area and there was a bus that take me close to my hostel. It was good to have some fresh air, there was a light breeze as I waited for the last part of my journey. The ten minute walk google maps suggested took closer to twenty minutes and left me sweating, sandwiched between my two bags. The hostel was tucked away behind a 7/11 and a couple of restaurants so it was a little hard to spot.


It was very cool with amazing colourful artwork outside. Sophie checked me in and let me choose my bunk (I have realised that you should always choose the bottom bunk). A couple of my other dormmates were there and talking about Texas. Once I had settled my shit in, I asked if anyone wanted to get some food with me as I was hungry and there was a supposedly great place a few blocks away with me. Sabrina came with me, we got on with each other really well. She reminded of a girl I used to know. The food at Kismet Cafe was delicious, I got a falafel wrap and some eggplant moussaka-esque dish. I kept spooning the eggplant onto my wrap for each bite to have maximum flavour. Sabrina told me about her life and how she was moving to Austin to start over again and she’ll bring her children once she’s settled.


She told me that we get a free drink token for the local bar Hole in the Wall so we decided it would be a shame to waste it. It was a pretty cool dive bar, the staff working behind the bar were so friendly. We actually got a free shot off them, maybe because we all had similar taste in UK comedy. It must be unusual or niche to be a fan of it. Sabrina and I then went back to the hostel, I fell asleep instantly.


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