Day Twenty Five, Houston


I woke up properly around 8 and felt so shakey. I was glad I had booked a later coach as there’s no way I would have coped. I got dressed so slowly, sighing repeatedly as I packed my bags. It felt like so much effort. I should not drink rum and then whiskey, especially American sized shots. I asked Jamie to print my ticket, annoyingly he seemed well rested but I guess I’m still not used to drinking more than one drink anymore. It was so difficult to do as it just wasn’t working as it should. I nibbled on some toast and drank my berocca. I was so glad I brought some with me, my hangover nectar. Ethan told me to eat more but it was hard, I tried an apple but it was bruised and gross. When my ticket finally printed I felt a tinge of sadness that I was leaving behind my new friends. I wasn’t ready to go.

It was humid outside and as I walked to the bus stop I started to sweat out my hangover. I felt better with each step. When I got there I realised I had left behind my water and berocca. It meant that I had to search each scrap of my bag to find change to get some more at the greyhound. I made a friend there, Lesley who was studying at UT. It must have looked like I was stalking her as she was doing the exact same route to the Greyhound Station. We were able to laugh about it. The journey to Houston went by really quickly.

I said goodbye to Lesley and then figured out my journey to the hostel. I was thankful that Greyhounds have free wifi. My hostel was only about 20 minutes to get to so I was able to check in dump all my shit and look for a restaurant that would have something nourishing on the menu. I chose a restaurant that had a Budhist name and ordered the vegan meatloaf.


The meatloaf itself was good but a little heavy as my hangover came back. The hibiscus iced tea was beautiful though. I gleefully ate the spinach and mash. I miss proper vegetables! A thunderstorm started outside. My server said they were happening weekly. I could see flooding across the street, it didn’t look like the rain was going to subside any time soon. So I resigned myself to getting soaked and left the restaurant.

It was very quiet, nobody else dared to walk in the rain and the solitude was a relief. I got back to the hostel, changed into my pjs and stayed in for the rest of the night.


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