Day Twenty Six, Houston


I had another lie in today, sorry if this is getting boring talking about sleep. But as someone who has had insomnia it feels necessary for me to track my sleep. I had to wait to use the shower and by the time I was finally ready to go I had missed breakfast by a few minutes. They must be strict at this hostel as nothing was available. A woman had just made a pizza and sized up my skinny frame and offered me a slice. I politely refused but she insisted and I was grateful for it. The crust was really good and I ate it slowly, feeling more human with each bite.

The wifi was still crappy but I had saved the location of some local coffee shops on my phone and went to a starbucks about three blocks away. I bought an Orange Juice and some cake and slowly ate them as I wrote notes and tried to figure out what to do. Jonny called me and we spoke properly about things that had been bothering us, long distance is tough. I wanted something a little more nourishing and went to the grocery store across the street. There was a giant puddle in front of me and I thought my legs are long, I can jump it. I couldn’t of course and burst out laughing. It cheered me up so much even though half my foot was damp. It wasn’t a grocery store either, it was a pharmacy. I bought some water and crisps and headed out. The saltiness was exactly what I craved.


I hadn’t bought a postcard (my preferred souvineer) from Austin so I was determined to get one from Houston. I found a cool looking store online that sold a whole variety of gift items and travel supplies so walked towards it. I was in a residential area and the trees were astounding and there were so many lizards scuttling around on the ground. It was a good walk and I felt like I was seeing how some people actually live in Houston. The gift shop was really good but the layout did not make sense to me. There was a postcard with Austin on it and I bought it despite the fact I was cheating. I also purchased a tiny red moleskine to write little notes in. There was a Trader Joes next door so I went there to get food for today and for my greyhound the next day. They had some good stuff available, I got a fresh salad, fruit, snack bars. The queue snaked around the store, it was longer than I’ve seen in a supermarket before but it wasn’t a long wait. I walked a different route back to the hostel, I took my time and enjoyed it.


When I got to the hostel I slumped on a sofa and started eating my salad when Mohammed walked past. He’s from Sudan and was friendly and funny. He thought I was Russian or Eastern European from my colouring. He asked if people looked like me where I was from. We talked about our respective degrees and he didn’t realise film is an art form. As I tried to explain the basics on aesthetics and mise en scene he was shocked by it. It was very entertaining as I explained that yes even the lighting contributes towards the story. I left him pondering films as I needed to pack. I don’t know if I’m getting better or worse at it, it usually takes an hour to tetris and cram it all in again. I spoke with my two dormies about New Orleans whilst I was packing. The Italian girl thought I sounded American! Nobody else has so I don’t know how she thought it.


As I was leaving so early and the airport was far away I decided to order a shuttle car. I needed to pay in cash so I went to the Walgreens to use their ATM with their $6 charge. I bought myself a little Mac N Cheese cup to have for my tea. I’ve been curious about them, they’re one of Mindy Kaling’s favourites. She is a God which is why I know that. It was alright, not bad tasting with a little cheesey hint. Well, it filled a spot. I felt so tired eating it and crashed out in my bed not long after.


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