Day Twenty Eight, New Orleans

I had another lie in, the beds are very comfortable at this hostel and I just didn’t want to get up. I felt really nauseous from the heat, I hadn’t drank any booze so it wasn’t from a hangover. I struggled to eat my toast, nibbling at it so slowly. Although, I met alot of people just from eating slowly. 

I wasn’t sure what to do with my day but I was getting sick of my phone not working properly so I decided to call my phone company again. I had tried emailing a few times but each reply took a few days! It took over two hours to fix my issues but I have a working phone now which felt great. Being able to use data to check maps whilst out will definitely help. 

I wanted something healthy for lunch so I searched for vegan restaurants and found one that did Nola classics. It was a forty minute walk away but I figured that would give me a good chance to see more of the city. It’s a city of contrasts, the French Quarter looks like how you imagine Nola but some of it is like an average American city. Then there are the poor areas which are just heart breaking.
I had drank all of the water on me and when I arrived at the restaurant Seed the server immediately got me a glass of water. Great service, I decided to order an Aubergine Po’Boy, it was a big sandwich but I finished it. 

It tasted so good, lightly spiced batter on thin slices of eggplant with grilled onions and peppers. I ate it all, and the little accompanying salad. I was happy my appetite was returning. 

I wandered back a slightly different route. Walking through bourbon street during the day was a very different experience. It smells bad and there’s alot of people drinking in the street. When I got back to the hostel I hung out with the two Australian gals Bec and Sarah. 

We got some beers from the corner store and decided to try out the hot tub. The jets weren’t working properly so it was just like a communal bath. It was still nice sipping on the cold beer and finding out more about what they were doing over here. Afterwards we got ready to go out but decided to finish off the rest of the beers and sit with some others from the hostel. It was relaxed and felt good to just hang out with like minded individuals. 

They hadn’t been to Bourbon Street yet and it was definitely more enjoyable this time round. On our way there we saw this huge group of people cycle in the night, their bikes covered in a variety of lights. It was so unexpected and joyous. The live music was blaring out of bars, there were lots of people about. I caught some beads being thrown from the balconies. 

One of the bands I saw were simply outstanding, they were doing covers but it was alot of fun. Sam (from New Zealand) had came out with us and had a bit more experience in picking the good bars. 
I was feeling really hungry so when we went to Frenchman Street I got a quesadilla. Sadly, I felt sick afterwards and Sarah came with me back to the hostel. I vommited outside of it (I’m sorry!) Once it was all up I was good again but decided that bed was the best decision to make.


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