Day Twenty Nine, New Orleans

I stayed in bed till nine, just enjoying the feeling of not having to do anything. It was a relief not to feel nauseous and I happily ate my breakfast. It was only toast with a mango spread but it was good. 

I chilled with Sarah and Bec again and took them to Cafe du Monde for beignets. We got an iced cafe au lait and a portion of hot, sweet doughnuts each. They were even better than I remembered, I greedily ate them, dipping the beignet back into the sugar. 

We decided to go to a museum a block away that had exhibitions on Hurricane Katrina and Mardis Gras. We went through the Katrina exhibit and it was harrowing. I remembered when it happened and it was all over the news but I tend to avoid reading into detail over disasters like this. It’s partly out of fear of death and mostly burying my head in the sand not wanting to hear about the horrors around the world. It was such a powerful exhibit and to be confronted with the reality of what actually happened was horrifying and necessary. There were fifty seperate breach points which lead to the flooding, the US government had had hurricane procedures to put in place in Nola for nearly fifty years but hadn’t. There was home footage of flooding and recordings of people explaining what happened. It sounded so scary and overwhelming and then after the hurricane subsided the treatment of the people affected was shocking. 

The Mardi Gras exhibit although comprehensive just couldn’t compare. We talked over how surprised we were at the Katrina exhibit and how we didn’t know that much about it. 

We went back to the hostel and we said our goodbyes. It was a shame they had to go as we’d been getting on so well but we each have our own adventures to embark on. 

I sat and relaxed on the outside porch for an hour, enjoying the peace of the garden. I started to get hungry again and found a place that did veggie hotdogs a fifteen minute walk away and decided to go. It felt more like a bar than a restaurant and futurama was on in the background so it had a nice vibe. My cheese fries came out first and I had to wait for my dog as they admitted they had accidentally dropped it. It was refreshing to have that honesty and the cheese fries were amazing. I kinda filled up on them so when the hotdog came I couldn’t eat the bun. 
I came back feeling really full and lay in bed reading untill I felt less heavy. I decided to sort through my clothes as I was in danger of running out of clean knickers, I worked out that I could leave it for a couple more days and do a full wash in Atlanta. I had wanted to go to sleep but I had agreed to Skype Jonny, it was brief but good to talk to him face to face. Now that there’s 5 hour time difference it’s trickier than 8 hours. Isn’t that weird?


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