Day Thirty, New Orleans

I was feeling lazy again so stayed in bed till 9.30 am. I got up to get my breakfast upstairs and struggled once again to eat a full meal in this heat. I stayed there a while trying to get my toast to go down. I think it’s the bread, it is so sweet that it doesn’t taste like real bread. 
I didn’t want to do much today so I relaxed and did some writing after breakfast and then went for a nap. It felt great to be taking it so easy.

I walked along to the local food co-op as I wanted fresh, tasty food. It was a really cool place and so much cheaper than the supermarkets I had visited so far. There was so many vegetarian and vegan options available. I bought a quinoa salad, carrot, avocado, apples, watermelon, crisps and some cereal bars. I had a long lunch where I sat outside and savoured the freshness of it all. My avocado was perfect aswell and I ate it all.

Whilst I was sat outside Amber came and joined me. She gave me a ‘U Rock’ and told me that it was because I rocked and that it was so cool of me to travel by myself. It made me feel really great and reminded me that I am doing something unusual.

I talked to a canadian girl who was testing out solo travel by coming down for a few nights. She was nice and seemed ready for an adventure. I said that I’d see her later and went to pack my bags. My phone decided it needed a software update and it took over an hour. I was sat on my bed willing for it to sort its shit out so I could meet people for a beer in the garden.

It was Mara’s last night at the hostel, she’d been working their for a few months so there was a good group just chilling in the garden. I managed to bag a ride tk the greyhound in the morning as Mara was getting one at a similar time. They all went out to party but I went to bed, I had a long bus to Atlanta in the morning.


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