Day Thirty One, Atlanta

I woke up as my alarm was going off, I felt like I’d had a great night’s sleep. I grabbed my laid out clothes and got ready in the bathroom. I was anxious to see if Spencer’s deal to drive me and Mara to the Greyhound Station was still good. I felt like I was crashing their last time together, as Amber also came along to see Mara off. I was relieved to have had an easy trip to the greyhound station. The queuing for the bus had just begun so I joined another fellow Brit from the hostel to embark on our 100 hour journey to Atlanta.
The bus was really busy so I asked if I could sit next to her. I think it’s nice for us both to hear an English accent, untill Texas I hadn’t came across a fellow Brit! We both slept for the first part of the journey and then talked during the one hour rest stop at Mobile, Alabama. I have seen some swamps outside the window but I didn’t want to be a creep by standing over her to take crappy photos from inside the bus.

The bus stopped one more time in Montegomery, Alabama. I could not understand why they needed quite so many stops and elongate the journey. When I arrived in Atlanta the bus station was really busy and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. As I walked to a subway station I started to think it was cool but it was another city with confusing public transport for an outsider. I just made my transfer onto a bus on time. My hotel was in a fun looking area, when I checked what I could do and eat in the area I found a vegetarian soul restaurant a block away.

Excited to try it, I dumped my stuff in the hotel and quickly walked there. It was half full and I got a booth to myself. I couldn’t decide what kind of barbeque to get and my server suggested the cauliflower. I got it with mac’n’cheese, corn on the cob and cornbread. All vegan and absolutely outstanding. The barbeque cauliflower was insane, the best barbeque sauce I have ever tasted and the vegetables were perfectly cooked with a good amount of bite. I couldn’t finish it so I took my leftovers with me back to the hotel.

The TV felt like a novelty again and I sat in my knickers watching Bob’s burgers. There was a large mirror in the room and like a budgie I kept looking at myself and thinking I don’t have criticisms like usual. My legs have gotten more muscley and everywhere looked a little bit more defined. I came to the conclusion that I’m happy with how I look and more importantly I’m happy with myself.

After years of self doubt and hatred of my naturally skinny self I can now look in the mirror and think yeah! This is me and I like who I am and how I look. I am comfortable in my own skin; I am genderqueer and just queer.


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