Day Thirty Two, Atlanta

​I had set an alarm for 8.30am but I just didn’t want to get up so I slept in till 10am. I then played on my phone, revelling in my solitude. I played some music as I showered for the first time in a long time. I always have music or the TV on back home so it’s been weird not being able to do it so much in hostels. I danced around the room after my shower, another bonus of being by myself in my own room.

I was ready to leave, there was a supermarket nearby so I got some provisions and started walking towards the Martin Luther King Jr Historical site. I kinda went a slightly different route to what google suggested as there was this big, beautiful park that I wanted to go through. There was a lady walking two dogs and I absent mindedly followed them for a while untill I realised I was going in the wrong direction.

The path Google wanted me to take didn’t seem to exist so I figured out my own route. It was a good walk, I felt like I was getting to see more of the city. I could smell sweet flowers and knew that summer had truly arrived. There was more street art than I was expecting, each one was stunning. I was inspired by the city, I saw a cherry red crane and thought it contrasted beautifully with the bright blue sky.

It took longer than I had anticipated to get to the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial but it was worth it. The grounds were busy. I walked around the visitors center, reading about his life, watching the I had a dream speech. I was on the verge of tears, I felt so emotional in there for all that people have endured to get us here, more needs to change. The resting place of MLK and his wife Corretta was beautiful. Their tomb raised above a long stretch of water. It was very peaceful and I tried not to think it weird that people were posing, smiling next to his grave for pictures.

Atlanta has worked hard to preserve his history, even keeping part of Sweet Auburn how it was when he lived here. I walked past his childhood home and was reminded that everybody has to come from somewhere. I wonder if there’ll be such an inspirational figure during my lifetime and will they still be fighting for the same equalities.

I went to a little cafe in Sweet Auburn for lunch called Lotta Frutta. I had a mouth wateringly good toasted sandwich and smoothie. My smoothie had mango, passion fruit, banana (only ever acceptable in smoothies), and orange juice. Oh my god it was good and so nourishing. The toasted sandwich had avocado, tomato, melted cheese and little alfalfa sprouts and that too was simple but delicious. I was so happy eating this meal. A fun fact about this cafe is that the restroom is painted like a fruit but it looks more like I’m in a vagina. It’s crude but true.

I walked back along the East Belt Line and I saw lots of street art and murals. People just seemed so happy, taking it easy. This city has such a happy atmosphere. On the road leading up to my hostel there were some very cool shops, I bought a zine about the sky and a cute postcard.

I went back to the hostel and gathered up all my dirty clothes to go to the laundrette. I’ve never used a proper laundrette before but I felt like such a local doing it. I sat and read whilst my clothes span in the machines. It was relaxing and it smelled so fresh and clean inside. I used liquid detergent aswell as a dryer sheet and my clothes came out so soft. I folded them all neatly, put them in my bags and dumped them in the hotel room.

I walked to Little Five Points as it was supposed to be a cool area with good restaurants. The first place I tried had an hour waiting time as it was so busy. I decided to get a slice of pizza instead. It was piled high with a variety of vegetables but it had huge chunks of garlic hidden under the cheese. I love garlic but on this single slice there must have been at least four cloves worth of it. I immediately felt like I had bad breath. I drank local beer (Sweetwater 4/20) it was good and refreshing but it just made me sleepy. I got back and really slowly packed up my bags. It took a couple of hours and then I just slept.


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