Day Thirty Three, Charleston

I ordered an Uber because when I stepped outside I saw my bus drive past. The driver was very friendly. The Greyhound Station was so full, people were everywhere, I have never seen one so busy. Evidently, people must be travelling for Memorial Day. The coach I got on wasn’t a Greyhound but a sister company. The drive was pleasant but it was grey and miserable looking outside. Not very inspiring.

I changed my bus at Columbia, SC and the bus station was more akin to a doctor’s waiting room. Grey and white walls, the smell of recent disenfectant, the people waitimg listlessly. I was hoping we would make a stop where the food didn’t come out of a vending machine but I still had enough snacks to see me through.

My next bus wasn’t as full so, gleefully, I got sit by myself again. I had to go for a wee on this bus; I’ve managed to keep it in on previous buses but I had to this time. It was gross. Worse than UK coach toilets, it was basically a port a potty inside. There was a hole with a toilet seat on and then a pit with sloshing blue liquid and more suspicious objects. It may sound a little over the top but I put toilet paper down on the seat before I could go. There wasn’t a sink or any hand sanitiser either, luckily I was well prepared and had some on me but a bit of friendly advice is go to the bathroom at everystop, try not to go on a moving coach.

My final driver warned us about the tropical storm, I googled it and found out that it had hit Charleston. It had winds up to 45mph and heavy rain but I missed it. I found out it had stopped raining a few hours ago.

I got an uber to the hostel as it was going to take an hour by bus. The uber in comparison took less than fifteen minutes for $10. This hostel had weird staffing so nobody was around during the day. They come in 7-10am and 5-10pm.

When I could check in, I dumped my stuff down next to my bed and tried to figure out where to eat. All of the places nearby had closed at five. Ruing the check in times for missing out on a vegan cafe a block away. I went to a Allesandro’s pizzeria twenty minutes away. I treated myself to a pizza with the toppings of my choosing – balsamic tempeh, artichokes and mushrooms. It was divine, I could smell the balsamic vinegar when it arrived and I ate the entire 10inch very fast. It was thin and crispy, and everything tasted good. It was my first time having tempeh and I would say it tasted similar to vegan mince.

I walked slowly back to the hostel, there was some damage caused by the storm. There were branches blocking the paths and so much mud and silt. I sat on the upstairs porch looking down and writing notes for an hour. I figured other people would have came outside too but it was a really quiet hostel. I remembered that I had booked an eight bed dorm and been upgraded to a four bed. I wasn’t going to complain though. I lay in bed and made some playlists to relax too, Spotify wouldn’t let me log into my regular account anymore so I had a brand new one to play with. I fell asleep listening to Simon and Garfunkel.


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