Day Thirty Four, Charleston

I woke up at 7.30am thinking it was 11, I was pissed off at myself as I felt both awake and tired. In retaliation I stayed in bed for 2 more hours. However, another weird staff thing happened. A woman who worked in the hostel came into my dorm unannounced without knocking. She didn’t say hi and seemed to pretend I wasn’t there. Two girls had checked out this morning so she had obviously came to check it was clean. She patted down a mattress, picked up a bit of litter and left. She didn’t do anymore cleaning which made me question just how clean this place was as my room was kinda dusty.
I went for breakfast not long after this event, I expected there to be lots of people as I’d heard voices from up in my room but there were just three people having food in the kitchen. Moreover, there wasn’t much food left. They exited the room not long after I arrived so, I had a quiet breakfast to myself. The hostel had the weirdest looking oranges but they tasted sweet and ripe. The English Muffins didn’t look like any I’d seen before but tasted ok. I ate them with almond butter. 

I had planned out a walk to see the main sights of Charleston and to see what the area was like. I started my walk down King Street, it felt like any other seaside high street. A little shabby but with some history. I came across this weird gallery that had images from freak shows or tragic accidents. There was alot of death, it was shocking seeing these prints but I suppose that’s why they were chosen. There was a small information box next to each of the photographs that explained who was in it. There were regular stores and I had a look inside, I’d foolishly wore jeans and I was considering buying some shorts. It was nice to window shop but alas I didn’t think there was anything worth buying.

I went to a cafe called Tzatiki for lunch and ordered a grilled veggie gyro. It was really tasty and the vegetables were fresh but it had so much oil. Greek food does use a lot of olive oil but it was literally pouring out of my gyro. However, there was an Apple Store across the street so I took advantage of the free wifi and spoke with my family. Feeling full I continued down King Street, past the stores and into the residential neighbourhood.

I had reached battery park which had these wonderful old oak trees. The sea was a slate grey, if the weather had been nicer perhaps it would have had a better atmosphere. I had been told that the houses in this part of Charleston were known for there attractive and unusual architecture. I thought they were rather grand looking but I didn’t think they were unique. They reminded me of the houses in the French Quarter of Nola.

I walked back along the pier where I found this lovely fountain that children were playing in. They were so genuinely happy in what they were doing. Joy was written across all of their little faces. I went to the Charleston Market nearby, they were many stalls weaving and selling sweetgrass baskets and decorations. Signs pointed out that it was a traditional skill passed down through the generations. I was hoping to get some food but they was only a couple of choices, neither suitable for a vegetarian. I looked online and decided to check out a cafe on the way back to my hostel.

It was called Black Tap Coffee, I had an amazing iced fruit tea with a blueberry muffin. They heated up the muffin for me and it was delicious. I wish other coffee shops would do the same as that level of service is great. Feeling like I had some energy to continue the walk, I left the cafe. The humidity was really bad, the streets had become quieter. The rain started just as I got back to the hostel. I relaxed in my room for a while.  I had a simple supper to avoid the heavy rain, it was an odd mix of miso soup and pop tarts. Not my healthiest meal of the trip but I couldn’t get outside and it did fill me.

The hostel still felt very quiet, people just seemed to want to do their own thing and were pretty antisocial. That’s ok, people can do what they want to do but I felt ready to be sociable in Asheville.


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