Day Thirty Six, Asheville

​I was terribly sick today, my period does not play. I ended up having one of my favourite days of my trip but it did not start well. I threw up from the pain for about two hours before going back to bed. I eventually got up about eleven, had a shower and some toast and started to feel better.

Whilst I was nibbling on my toast, Chris (with the long hair) invited me to go on a hike with him and his friend. I didn’t have any plans for the day and really wanted to see the mountain up close so I was happy for the invite. He finished his shift about one, we both grabbed our bags and off we went in his car.

In the drive, it was cool to talk to Chris and find out more about his life and what his views of the world were.  He was in the exact same mind set about work and trying to figure out life.  I had a minor epiphany in that car, despite all my anxiety over the future, I finally realised that no one has it figured out.  Selfishly, perhaps, I take so much comfort knowing I’m not alone in my anxiety and there’s people who live thousands miles away from my home who feel and think the way I do.

We pulled up at his friend’s home which was closer to the mountains.  He lived on the third floor of an apartment block.  I feel terrible for not being able to remember his name but I think it was Daniel?  Inside it was geek heaven, Star Wars Lego sets, action figures and, plush toys.  Daniel was really welcoming and brought out his weed for us to share.  He took his glass bong out of his freezer and as I was the guest, I got to go first.  It was my first time using a bong so I had to have Chris help me!  It was probably embarrassing but I felt like I was in a safe environment and didn’t really care how it came across.  That hit was strong.  The guys both took their turns and we were merry as we left for our hike.

We drove deep into the mountains, the road snaking up higher as they debated where we should hike.  We were on the lookout for a good trail.  They chose a spot that had a layby a couple minutes away to park the car.  The trail was almost invisible, a pathway that had been cleared that was only just wide enough for a person.  

The hike itself was hard.  We moved fast, the path twisting, stepping higher into the mountain.  It was fun but I was expecting a nice amble.  Thankfully, after about a mile we stopped at a clearing.  There were large sheets of rock that we perched on as we looked at the beautiful trees around us.  Chris pulled a small glass pipe out of his bag and we smoked again.  We talked and giggled at the ants around our feet.  I felt like a hobbit, so happy and free.

We heard others approaching and decided to head back to the city to get some food. Daniel suggested getting tacos, I was eager to eat. We went to Taco Temple and I chose to get the avocado – roasted sweet potato, black beans, salad and avocado – and the panela which had griddled panela cheese, roasted poblano peppers, black beans and pickled onion. It was sublime, two of the tastiest tacos of my life. We shared some chips with guacamole and this truly delightful sweet salsa. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just the munchies making it taste so good.

After, we decided to go back to Daniel’s and just chill out. Chris really wanted to watch Peep Show so on it went as we passed the bong to one another. It was so surreal that they would even love that show, but it was an inspired choice. I have never been that stoned in my life as I melted into the couch cushion, laughing.

After a few episodes it was starting to get dark so we figured we should head back to the hostel. On the journey home we went past an ice cream shop and I just had to get some. I went totally overboard and I bloody deserved it. I got a huge slab of brownie – heated up – with a strawberry, almond milk ice cream, Cointreau ice cream, hot chocolate fudge sauce, chopped nuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top!

It was divine, I made my dormies very jealous of it as we sat and talked about what we’d been up to. Chris was so sleepy he went to bed as soon as we were back at the hostel, I sat up with Estelle, Francesca and hippy Chris. I couldn’t finish my ice cream so hippy Chris put it in the freezer for me to enjoy the next day.

I only realised when I went to bed that night that I hadn’t felt cramp since I had smoked. It really does help with the pain considering it made sick for hours earlier that morning. Asheville is a fun city.


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