Day Forty Three, Detroit

I was rushing around this morning, I hadn’t finished packing one of my bags so I had to scramble on my top bunk to get it ready and make sure everything was done. I had time for a quick bagel at breakfast and then I checked out. I got an Uber as I have grown lazy and it wasn’t much more expensive than a bus ticket. I had chosen the pool version and another guy got into the cab and wanted to discuss Hillary and Bernie. It was a really fascinating conversation as we were all democratic supporters and just the differences between the candidates. We discussed the likelihood of Bernie getting the nomination and obviously, I look back and it seems like we were too hopeful, Trump did not figure into being President. 

I was at the bus station before I knew it. I was able to board really smoothly, I had two seats to myself as it was wonderfully quiet. I sat and read for most of the journey, the time flew by. There were only two stops on the way to Detroit – Kalamazoo and Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor was clearly a wealthy town and as the bus drove into Detroit the disparity of wealth in Michigan State was palpable. Despite the grandeur of the buildings downtown there was an eery quietness. 

I sound so privileged getting two taxi’s in one day but my Greyhound was late getting into the city due to traffic and I wasn’t sure what the area around my hostel was like. The hostel was advertised as being in an up and coming area of Detroit but it seemed decrepit and like downtown empty. My driver was unaware that there was even a hostel in Detroit! She wished me luck in the city as I climbed out with my backpacks. The outside of the hostel had brightly coloured tiles striped across the building. I knocked on the door but was told through it that I needed to use the email code to be allowed in. I had not clocked that I needed that, the security of the hostel was good but if I didn’t have access to the internet on my phone I would have been screwed. I was glad that I had kept all my accommodation emails in a folder so I was able to find the entry code easily. Once I checked in, I dumped my bags into a locker in the kitchen and started to look online at where I could go eat.

There weren’t many options for food near the hostel as everything seemed to shut before five. I went to Bucharest grill for tea, ordered a falafel wrap and brought it back to the hostel. I did not take photos of any of my meals today, apologies dear reader.  I spoke a little with the staff as I ate and embarrassingly, spilt my glass of water all over the table and myself. There was kitchen roll so I could mop it up but I apologised to the staff so much as it was even on the chair.
I went for a little nap as I hoped something was going to happen this evening. I had only met one other guest thus far and I had my fingers crossed for some guests around my age who I could hang out with. I woke up a little more refreshed but I may as well have continued to sleep as I didn’t do anything of note! I went back to the common room and played on my tablet, waiting for more of the hostel guests. I spoke with a French girl for a while but as more people arrived I got left out of the conversation as they were all discussing the convention they were attending in the city. I was still tired so my early night was probably for the best.


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