Day Six, Portland


There’s me next to the Portland sign!

I didn’t partake in the free pancake breakfast today, instead I ate my leftovers and a bowl of raisin bran. I realise this is terrible to admit but I love the tast of bran flakes, mmm bran.

The shower in my hostel was rather awkward that morning as it’s located just off the kitchen and has a folding screen door instead of a real door. I felt very exposed trying to shave my legs and hearing people discuss their day.

I got the bus downtown and walked along the river front. It was a really great way to see the bridges but sadly this is where a lot of the homeless were sleeping. I felt bad for them; I saw one guy turn on some sprinklers to get them to move.


After getting my photo next to the sign I went and visited this place! The famous Voodoo Doughnuts. I figured I should try the voodoo doughnut itself and it was pleasant, the jam was only present at the base and the chocolate glaze was ok. I’ve had worse but it wasn’t as good as the hype, Blue Star all the way man.

I then walked to the Pioneer district to check out the other sights. I rested in a Stumptown Coffee to have cold brew and try to wake myself up. The sights were all ok, I was more excited by the fountains with different sculptures in.


So I decided to go to the International Rose Test Garden. I got the MAX train and a bus, it was a really nice park but sadly it was still too early for most of the roses. I sat in the garden and read the little guide book I’d picked up in the hostel. The view from the park was great, I could see another mountain. It made me want to go on a hike or climb up one. Maybe someday.

After walking round the roses I was starting to feel a little peckish again and thought I should try one of the food carts. I looked online and the best veggie food truck in Portland was nearby. I was very excited to try it but it had closed early because it had run out of food! Heartbroken a lady in the food truck next to the veggie one suggested a portion of garlic cheese fries.


They were absolutely delicious drowning in garlic butter and mozzarella. After eating the obscenely large portion and spending a hot day outside I felt really tired and headed back to the hostel.

At the hostel I saw Haley, she had also been suffering from the heat. She had seen a cool place nearby that did $2 cocktails for it’s happy hour. When Chloe came back we three went out. The cocktails were very tasty, I had the Dandy which was cucumber gin, lavender syrup and lemon. It was really tart and refreshing. We all got pretzels and a jelly shot. The jelly shot was really big, we needed spoons!

After chilling out there we decided that Haley needed to try a Blue Star Donut. We ordered one each but the server was so kind to us tipsy gals he gave us another 6 doughnuts for free.


Here’s Haley (on the left) and Chloe (on the right, obvs.) with our free box. Look how happy we all were! We then went to the Portland Cider House and I had a couple of glasses of Cranny Granny. A tasty cider with a terrible name. We were all tired so retired to the hostel and ate some doughnuts in the tree hut before bed.

I had such a fun night with these guys. I’m sad Chloe is moving on today but I’m so glad to be meeting cool people on my travels and I’m excited to see what will happen next.


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